Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sleep Pikanini (A Delmas tragedy)

Sleep Pikanini
The livestock are safe
All of our hennies and cockies
Early tomorrow you're
strangled and dead
Never again see
your sockies

Doodoo... doodoo

Elsewhere occurrence
It's not connected
He wants to cheaply get lucky
Early tomorrow
She's pregnant as hell
Daddy's SO gone
After fu-u-u-uckies

Mugu... mugu

(Apologies: my own healthy bouncy fatty starry-eyed flourishing little bull smiley miracle boykie pined so intensely for his mother tonight while he literally suckled her lean behind my back while I was typing on my Blackberry, that my guilt trip-blessing of being allowed to have a boykie in bed tonight, culminated in the above.)

And my heart's further shredded
For the daycare mommy
Grandma of note...
How many bruises
innocent throats?

Elsewhere are pictures
Defiled vilified
Some pillars
just don't want to shrivel
It is my culture man
To me I'm virtue...

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